Little Match Girl Re Write

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Little Match Girl Re-write Mrs Charlton, knew that her daughter Susan wasn’t calling in to see her today. She had told her mother yesterday that she would be going away for a business trip. The only other visitor that Mrs Charlton knew would call would be the doctor. “Oh where was he?” she thought, as she looked at the clock one more time. “Not time yet” she said out loud. He normally came by around lunch time, after his morning surgery. and it was still only mid-morning. The pains were particularly bad today and she had none of the pills left. However not to worry as the doctor would call in a prescription for her and the pharmacy will deliver a little later. Even so she could do with taking some of these pills now and getting the persistent aching to go away and get a little relief. Arthritis had crippled her body making it painful to move and old age had muddled her mind and almost destroyed her hearing. She wanted to turn on the heating? And would do so, just before she thought the doctor Cameron would arrive. Normally she sat in the cold, covered by a blanket or just went to bed with a hot water bottle. It had never been like this when her husband had been alive. He had looked after her and they had spent evenings sitting in front of a blazing coal fire. Now she dared not turn on the gas heating as she could not afford the bills. She still had her pride and didn’t want the doctor to experience her cold house. It was almost two thirty when Dr Anderson arrived and
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