Little Miss Sunshine Belonging Essay

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Hello, my name is Valerie Faris, and I am one of the co-directors (along with Jonathan Dayton) of the film, 'Little Miss Sunshine'. When making this film, my co-director and I heavily aimed to portray the different ways we as human beings search to find our place in the world. We focused on the conception of building relationships and trust within the concept of a family. We wanted to convey the concept that when it comes to family, its never too late to re-connect and belong. Our film follows an extended family on their journey from New Mexico to California, as young daughter Olive prepares to compete in the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. In the beginning of the film, each member of the family feels isolated from one another,…show more content…
All it takes is Olives small hand upon his shoulder and he starts to calm down. This conveys that although he does not feel a connection to anyone else around him, he will always feel one to Olive, and it reminds him that he is on this trip for her. By dressing her in red, we also highlighted her determination to win the Little miss sunshine contest and to make her appear more vulnerable to the harsh treatment by the girls at the pageant, to which physically, she does not belong. This use of colour continues throughout the film, with the bright yellow VW bus, which acted as a motif. We used the colour yellow to evoke feelings of happiness and optimism, symbolising the families journey of re-connecting, of hope, and to reinforce the individual versus the collective action- working together for a change rather then separating themselves as individuals. We chose the ridiculous loud and irreparable car horn to symbolise and reinforce the dysfunction of the family, and convey the initial lack of connection. Portrayal of the progress of the family was very important, and the van was used to symbolise this. It started to break down just as the family was at its peak of frustration, however when they all worked together to give it a pushing start, the van was able to continue on its journey. This highlighted their restoring sense

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