Little Miss Sunshine Film Analysis

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Perfection is a Disease That Affects The Nation “Life is one beauty contest after another.” This quote from Little Miss Sunshine depicts the exact meaning behind the movie.. In the movie, a dysfunctional family helps their daughter, who is not the stereotypical pageant girl, attend a beauty contest, although she was far from a beauty queen. The movie used visual rhetoric to claim although society has a constant need for perfection and certain cultural stereotypes, it is our imperfections that make us perfect. First and foremost, Little Miss Sunshine establishes ethos in its visual rhetoric. . According to Everything’s an Argument by Andrea Lunsford, images can be used to establish an ethos. In Little Miss Sunshine, the movie…show more content…
By making Little Miss Sunshine into a movie which right from the beginning shows members of a family not acting as they are culturally suppose too, the audience is intrigued because it is so far from the norms of society. In addition, Lunsford also stated, “Videos are an effective way to enhance the ethos of a group or an institution.” By Little Miss Sunshine explaining the issues of cultural stereotypes in the form of a movie compared to any other medium, it helped the audience connect better and understand how the issue is relevant to them. Not everyone may have a heroin snorting grandfather but the complexity of the family dynamic is easy to relate too since no family is the stereotypical perfect family. In addition, the issue of children being affected by the idea of perfection and oversexualization was easier to get across to the audience as well because it was shown very subtly in a way that most of the audience may have even experienced themselves. The reason the movie was effective was because it was not telling the audience that perfection is unattainable and it is affecting the youth, it was showing how the youth can be affected by the constant pressure for perfection. Vartomian 3 Secondly, the constant need for perfection is a disease which affects the whole
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