Little Miss Sunshine Lens Perception Essay

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Little Miss Sunshine is the story of a little girl named Olive who has a dream of winning the Little Miss Sunshine beauty contest. Olive comes from a family that is full of problems. Her father (Richard Hoover) is a motivational speaker who is desperately trying to sell his 9-step program for success, her brother (Dwayne) has taken a vow of silence to join the Air Force Academy, her uncle (Frank Ginsberg) is a homosexual Proust scholar who attempted suicide after a failed attempt at a relationship with the love of his life, and her grandfather (Edwin Hoover) who is a drug addict who was kicked out of his retirement home for snorting heroin. Through all the problems the family faces they come together to help Olive reach her dream of winning the Little Miss Sunshine beauty contest. The family travels 800 miles in 2 days on the quest to reach Olives dream on a road trip full of its up and downs. Olive competes in the contest by dancing to the song “Super Freak” in a performance that shocks and horrifies the audience and judges. The family then finds itself in custody of the police who offer to release them with the condition that Olive never competes in a beauty contest in the state of California again. They then find themselves traveling back to Albuquerque on an adventure that has strengthened their bond and brought them closer together. Has society gone too far by judging women on the way that they look, and comparing them to a predetermined ‘perfect’ women? It has become

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