Little Red And The Case Of The Missing Grandma Essay

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Little Red and the Case of the Missing Grandma Once upon a not so long ago time, there was a CSI agent named Little Red Riding Hood, and her partner, The Woodsman. Throughout their careers, they had investigated some pretty odd cases. But none were as personal, or as different than The Case of the Missing Grandma. Red and the Woodsman had just gotten a call to action. There had been a reported breaking and entering, and the resident was nowhere to be found. They arrived at the scene of the crime, and nothing seemed to be out of place except for the door, which appeared to have been kicked down. They swabbed the door to look for prints, and found what seemed to be paw prints. They then continued to search the cottage with a black light. There was no blood anywhere, but they did find some saliva, which lead them to believe the grandma was still alive, but wouldn’t be for long. The search went on, and under the covers of the bed they found a decent amount of fur. They sent all of the samples back to the forensics lab and waited for the results to come back.…show more content…
There had been multiple reports filed by each of the pigs that they were being stalked. Unfortunately for them, each time someone went to investigate, there was no one to be found. Generally, this made the department believe that they were just crying wolf (pun intended). It was only when they were reported missing that anyone took the case seriously. The culprit was never truly identified, but we knew it was a wolf. Only a wolf could commit such a monstrosity of a crime. Red and the Woodsman looked this case over about 24 times for any hint on how they might be able to find this monster, but it only told them what they already knew; the culprit was without a doubt The Wolf. They could close two cases at once if they went about this right, but it wouldn’t be
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