Little Red Cap. Little Red Cap, Gained The Nickname After

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Little Red Cap Little Red Cap, gained the nickname after her lovely grandmother gave her a red velvet cap as a present. She was a really sweet girl, and everyone who knew her liked her. One day her mother called on her, and instructed her to take a basket of goods over to the sick grandmother’s house, who lived out in the woods. She reminder her not to get off path on the way to the village, and Red Cap promised to obey her mother. On the way to grandmas, Red Cap encounters with a wolf, who starts a conversation asking questions about her voyage. Once the wicked wolf gets and idea, he tricks Red Cap into leaving the path in order to get flowers for the grandmother. Red Cap…show more content…
“Grandmother!!” Red Cap screamed, “Oh, grandma what are you doing here?” “Looking for you dear.” “Sorry to worry you grandma! I got a little bit lost.” Said Red, as she run towards her grandma. Grandma caught a glimpse of a shadow moving. “Who is there? Show yourself!” grandma yelled. “I surrender; you have caught me.” said the wolf while backing up slowly. “You! You made me leave the path!” gasped Red. Red’s mom could hear the screams, but didn’t know which directions they were coming from. As she ran towards the screams she ran into a huntsman. She decided to ask him for help, “Excuse me sir, can you hear the directions where the screams are coming from?” “Yes, they seem to be coming from this direction.” Answered the huntsman, “I actually saw a wolf run in a hurry a couple minutes ago, wonder if that has to do with anything? “Oh! That wicked wolf.” Whispered Red’s mom. “I can you if you are in trouble,” said the huntsman “after all I have my bow with me.” “Oh, thank you, I think my daughter is in trouble.” They started to follow the screams, once they reached their destination, the huntsman caught a glimpse of the wolf getting ready to attack and decided to shoot an arrow. The wolf whimpered as the arrow pierced him, quickly he started to bleed out. “ Mother!! Oh thank you.” Yelled Red, as she ran to embrace her mother. “Don’t mid me, I will just be taking this wolf with me,” said the huntsman

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