Little Rock 9

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-e Little Rock Nine
The little rock 9 were a group of students chosen by the NAACP to test the new desegregation laws passed by the us supreme court in 1954. Most southern states went against this federal law making their own laws segregating public schools.
In 1954 brown vs the board of education decision allowed white and negro students to attend the same public schools this banned was met with opposition from the southern states so much opposition that in
1955 the supreme court ordered school districts to integrate their schools with speed. This decision led to the formation of the little rock 9, many were outraged by the NAACPs plan to desegregate and two groups were formed to combat the NAACP they were the Capital Citizens Council
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The next school year instead of continuing with desegregation of little rocks schools
Orval Fabus decided to close all 4 of little rocks high schools. This civil rights fight was a major win in the battle for civils rights across America.
March on Washington DC
(staff, 2010) th The iconic Washington DC march for jobs and freedom was held on august 28 1963. This march attracted more than 250,000 people. The march was organized by a number of religious groups and civil rights groups. The march was centred around trying to get a passage of a civil rights bill and for executive action to increase black employment. The march on Washington DC was were Martin Luther King gave his famous
I have a dream speech.
The black community was still facing a lot of discrimination in post war years and the march on Washington
DC was emphasising issues such as the economic divide between blacks and whites and segregation. The march brought many different civil rights groups together such as the NAACP, SCLC and the SNCC. The event also brought in a lot of white supporters from across the united states about a quarter of the
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