Little Shop Review

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This evening I went to go see an anomalous play called Little Shop, which struck me as a fantastic performance put together by the ESU theatre department. The plays setting took place in an area called “Skid Row”, a large city somewhere in the U.S around the early 1960s. The characters interacted either in the flower shop or outside of the flower shop. The only other scene that takes place in a different setting is when Seymour attempts to kill Orin at his dentist shop. The area enclosing around the flower shop hint to have a high unemployment right as many homeless people appear on stage at a given time in which begging for food and money. As a member of the audience I could tell that the performances perspective was aimed to represent the…show more content…
An issue that I tried to ignore through the play but soon became very trouble sum for me was the continuous singing that would occur either by the girl group or Seymour. I believe Act I was much stronger and more enjoyable overall than Act II. Act I opened up with the singing of the girl group and initially the introduced the main characters of the performance by them interacting with each other throughout the flower shop. Mr.Mushnik was the owner of the shop while Seymour and Audrey were employees. Audrey has a black eye from her boyfriend which she continues on to see which troubles Seymour because he has a crush on her. Mr.Mushnik says he needs to fire them because they have been getting no busy. Seymour then discovers a plant from a sketchy guy one day that he believes will draw in the attention of customers if displayed out of the window. Seymour names the plant Audrey II after the name of his crush Audrey. As soon as he puts the plant out in display the business starts to bloom. Unfortunately, the plant feeds on fresh human blood which causes Seymour to sacrifice his own
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