Little Things By Raymond Carver

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While reading “Little Things” by Raymond Carver I began to realized that he was using several different literary devices to compose a story of many interpretations, such as: imagery, foreshadowing, symbolism, communication, conflict, expression, and suspense. “Little Things” is a tale of two stubborn parents that are separating without any self-tolerance or consideration of how their actions can affect their child. The statement made by Carver is that actions or words can lead to catastrophic endings. At the end of the story, he wrote “in this matter, the issue was decided” to imply that when a relationship involves a child, the intimate relationship between parents should be more empathic. A similar story that touches the same statement…show more content…
In the beginning of “Little Things”, Carver created the scenery of outside to establish the dark side of the relationship. “Cars slushed by on the street outside, where it was getting dark but it was getting dark on the inside too”; Thus, foreshadowing the relationship on its last leg. As the man packed his belongings, the woman responded “I’m glad you’re leaving. I’m glad you’re leaving!”, Carver now expresses the relationship as being gloomy with no sign of contentment. Man, is portrayed as unhappy and leaving whereas the woman struggles to react without being attentive toward the man’s emotions. Foreshadowing is used to create the start point of this catastrophic ending with the man having empathy for the child and not the woman. Emotions emphasized the foreshadowing once the woman removed the picture of the child out the bedroom, Man now makes effort in having a conversation with the woman by the request that she “bring that back”. Emotions effected more than one point of view in “Little Things” due to the relationship involving two people and a child. Mutual affect had been brought to light with “Love and Basketball”, though Quincy was not a baby when the dispute between his parents and adultery started, his father took the time to address the personal situation with Quincy while he attended college by lying. Yet proof from both stories display the reality of emotions between parents and children in modern situation
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