Little Women Or Meg By Louisa May Alcott

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Little Women or Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy by Louisa May Alcott is a coming-of-age story about four girls with all different personalities and different ways of going through the world. Alcott was persuaded by a talented editor from the Roberts Brothers firm to write a story for girls, and while Alcott was hesitant because she was not the largest fan of girls; she began the task. While this piece was originally geared to satisfy younger girls, the piece goes far beyond the point of just being another piece of “chick lit.” When Alcott wrote the first part of Little Women in 1868, it was seen as groundbreaking work. It was groundbreaking not because she was a new author, (she was thirty-five years old and had been in the writing industry for over a decade and a half (MacDonald 12)) but because she was able to incorporate the aspect of young women (appealing to the juvenile audience) but also incorporate a different kind of heroine. When Jo was made the heroine and the center of the story; it went against societies norms to cherish a young lady who was the furthest thing from being ladylike. With Jo as the leading lady, Alcott was able to address the idea of a novel centered on girls but also include the newer concept of a tomboy. Throughout the novel Jo, with the rest of her sisters, transforms from a young adolescent to a more mature, selfless women; but that was not without struggles. This novel was seen as “chick lit” for more than one reason, with the title being Little
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