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Managing Customer Responsiveness at Littlefield Technologies
Littlefield Technologies (LT) has developed another DSS product. The new product is manufactured using the same process as the product in the assignment “Capacity Management at Littlefield Technologies” — neither the process sequence nor the process time distributions at each tool have changed. The LT factory began production by investing most of its cash into capacity and inventory. Specifically, on day 0, the factory began operations with three stuffers, two testers, and one tuner, and a raw materials inventory of 9600 kits. This left the factory with zero cash on hand. Customer demand
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In addition, a processing fee of 5% is incurred right after the loan is received. You can borrow and repay loans beginning on day 150 by clicking on “Cash” on the menu bar below the factory schematic, and then clicking on the appropriate button on the bottom of the resulting window. You are also allowed to buy and sell machines and change the scheduling rule at the tester.

The factory has been running for 50 simulated days, and management has recalled the high-powered operations team (you) to manage the capacity, scheduling, purchasing, lot sizing, and contract quotations to maximize the cash generated by the factory over its lifetime. Management is not providing any operating budget beyond the cash generated by the factory itself. You will have control of the factory from day 50 to day 386. At 1 hour per simulated day, this translates to 14 real days. At day 386, you lose control of the factory, and the simulation will quickly run another 100 days of simulation. When you lose control of the factory, management expects you to leave the factory parameters set to maximize the factory’ cash position when the factory shuts down on day 486. After the simulation s ends on day 486, you can check the status of your factory, but the factory will no longer be running. Team scores and ranking are based “cash balance,” which

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