Live Like a Dog, Alone

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ENGLISH ASSIGNMENT : "LIVE LIKE A DOG, ALONE" 1. Give a summary of "Live Like a Dog, Alone" The short story is about two persons, who both live alone. Miriam is a middle-aged single woman. She has a great career and no children. But her heart is dysfunctional, and therefore she sometimes has to go to the hospital. The story is set inside a taxi, which is driving Miriam home after a visit at the hospital. The taxi driver and Miriam talks. Not in the usual polite way of conversations between drivers and costumers, but instead of the drivers personal life. He seems quite depressed and unhappy with his life. He tells Miriam how he feels about living alone and his thoughts about it collides with the way Miriam feels. During the…show more content…
She has just got into the taxi, and starts talking to the driver. She is not only listening to his problems, she is also trying to solve them or at least make him feel better. She tries to make him see the situation from another, more positive perspective but he is hard to convince. Instead of making him feel better, the conversation affects Miriam in someway too. I think that she becomes aware of some of the negative perspectives and some of the things that she has been trying to repress. 3. Comment on the title I think it's a quite interesting title. It draws some kind of attention towards the story and makes you want to read it. It represents the taxi driver's attitude to life and the way of living alone. 4.Discuss the ending In the ending, the taxi driver goes inside with Miriam for a cup of coffee. Miriam has told that she has a husband, but that's not true and he sees through her lie. He's kind of flirting because he mentions that he wouldn't have gone to bed if his wife where at the hospital. In that way he draws attention towards himself as a really nice man. You can of course fabricate the story afterwards as you and your imagination prefer, maybe even in a violent way. But after all I don't think it's his intention to kill Miriam. I think that the two of them will gain a close relationship and none of them will have to live alone, like a dog anymore. 5. Write a speech about
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