Live Right Wellness Center Is An Idea That Can Help Everyone

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Live Right Wellness Center is an idea that can help everyone live a healthier life style and be the only facility that residents will need for all their weight goals. The mission of Live Right Wellness Center is to be the basis for healthy living by providing exercise, nutrition counseling, and alternative medicine for a long term solution to obesity. The vision of the business is to be the premier non-profit healthcare facility that responds to obesity needs through excellent customer service, obesity education, and providing the community with highly skilled staff. Live Right Wellness Center is an idea that was created to solve the problem of obesity and the related health issues that come along with it including diabetes, heart…show more content…
Lastly, there is a supplement store and café that will have vitamins, pre made meals, and medication alternatives for purchase. As long as the patient sticks to the program, maintains a healthy lifestyle, and gets off the medications then the program will be free to them. If patients are not following directions or steady getting worse they will have to pay a monthly amount for the program until they are back on track. This will be a place that is not covered by insurance and is up to the patient to take care of but being non-profit it will rely on grants and funds from the government. Live Right Wellness Center will meet a significant problem and challenge that faces the human population today which is obesity and medication management. “People who are obese, compared to those with a normal or healthy weight, are at increased risk for many serious diseases and health conditions (Health Effects, 2015).” I believe that this is worth pursing because there are so many quick fixes out there but nothing that seems sustainable to maintain a healthy weight for life. People get so used to getting on a medication, having plastic surgery, or finding things that do not work long term. I think it is important to have a center that is more focused on long term education, nutrition, and keeping people off of medications in order to live a very healthy life.

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