Live Streaming

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Live streaming media is the transmission over the Internet of video of an event as it happens. Streaming is a form of online video in which the site sends video footage to a user’s machine “on the fly” rather than as a complete file. It’s akin to the difference between watching a TV show as it airs and watching a DVD.
Live streaming media is different than on-demand streaming. With the latter, the content has previously been recorded. The user then accesses it at a time of their choice, though it is still streamed to their machine rather than downloaded as a complete file. YouTube is probably the best known on-demand streaming site.
The quality of live streaming media can be extremely variable. One factor affecting it is the technology
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First, the recording is saved on a server for a prolonged amount of time, which goes against the ephemeral recording definition. The users also are not licensed for webcasting, and webcasts are recorded or broadcast live.Webcasts are all live recordings. This means the webcasters are recorded live, without editing or cuts. The recording may be streamed as it is going on, or it may be webcasted later, but still in live fashion.There are two main sectors that perform webcasting: entertainment and commercial. On the entertainment side, musicians and other types of entertainers such as comedians and actors may perform on a live webcast. The other sector, the commercial sector, is typically done for business and investor relations webcasting, so people do not have to travel far to hear what is going on with a company.Webconferencing is a technique that has been used by business people so various groups can talk to one another from a distance; while similar to webcasting, it is not the same. One difference is the intent. Webcasting is broadcast to other computers so the other members can watch, and participation is not always part of the broadcast. Webconferencing is not for watching, but so each member can speak and participate in a conference over the Internet. The other reason is the flow of the video, because webcasting is one entity to many, whereas webconferencing is many people participating
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