Live Streaming Video Game Footage

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Live streaming video game footage is becoming an increasingly bigger phenomenon in the gaming world. Already some forty-five million gamers go on Twitch every month to stream, watch, and chat about games. And that’s just one streaming platform, there are others platforms, like YouTube gaming, just to name one. But streaming is traditionally something that was done from a PC and pc games like DOTA, Counterstrike, and StarCraft dominate the streaming scene. But with the newest generation of consoles, streaming from consoles became a reality. Microsoft’s Xbox allows gamers to download a free Twitch app and begin streaming just by using voice activation. Sony’s PlayStation allows gamers to link their console with their Twitch account and begin…show more content…
It only has dimensions of 0.4 by 0.6 inches which it makes slightly more compact than the average streaming mic; but that is understandable given that this mic is intended for consoles first and foremost. It feels light in your hand, and can easily be moved around. Furthermore, because it is a USB mic, it is very easy to maneuver the mic, or just completely change your entire setup. In terms of look the Turtle Beach does not have very many options at the moment; there are only two color options, black or silver. It is not revolutionary by any means, and it looks fairly standard in terms of design, size, and appearance. But overall, it is a decent, compact streaming mic. Universal compatibility While many of Turtle Beach’s headsets have worked with both Sony consoles and Microsoft consoles, Turtle Beach has gun to lean towards Sony in terms of console headsets; just two years ago Turtle Beach agreed to manufacture Sony’s official PS4 headsets. But console gamers will be happy to know that the digital streaming mic works on any console. The mic boasts universal plug and play compatibility with PlayStation,
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