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Live With Lightning The main hero of the novel is looking for an answer to the question: “What is his place as a scientist in the world.” The book focuses on the historic period from the 30s till the end of the World War II.

A common American post-student wants to become a scientist. He has nothing except his talent, courage, patience, persistence, and strong will to devote his life to physics. On obtaining his diploma and his appointment as an assistant and teacher in the University of Columbia, he spent his summer washing dishes, working at a gas station in a place with a significant name High Hope. He found by chance that he had taken the job from a man who had a family to support. Eric Gorin moved on.

When asked whether he
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But still Eric did not comprehend and even misunderstood Earle Fox.
He understood these words later, when he had gone through a lot of challenges in his life, but he found a positive answer on that question.

Gorin has keys from the library, the laboratory and the assistants’ office. But nobody helps or assists him in choosing books, finding out how the apparatus works. All he encounters is indifference, impassiveness, and exhaustion. But G. is persistent and wants a “crucial experience” in physics. His providence and obstinacy soon link his future career to Tony Haviland, a good hard worker for a short period of time.
Tony is more interested in fashion and money, science and success in his research is only an ambitious game. He is able to leave and go to the coast closing the laboratory and putting aside an extremely important experiment, which may influence his assistance’s future career and life.

When atomic physics knowledge was very well assessed on the market Tony sold his mind to the military men without thinking of it from the aesthetical point of view. Gorin fights apathy, hypocrisy in Cumberland. But all his original ideas are scrapped, and the research is cancelled. Clark Regan, a cynic, conventional man, who thought that a war was the only time a physicist could make a go of it, made Gorin
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