Live With Your Betrothed !

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Live with your Betrothed! When it comes down to the question about marriage, family values come into question at one point or another, if not immediately. But in today’s society our values have changed from the standards that were set when the concept of marriage was founded. In traditional times it was expected that the man would court the woman for many years before settling down and asking for her hand in marriage. But, in the world today that process has changed severely. But in the midst of that process there’s a question that remains for the most part unanswered in general. Individual couples settle the matter for themselves but it leaves the whole of society in disarray searching for a universal truth to the problem. The question is, whether or not the betrothed couple should live together, or cohabit, before they join their hands in matrimony. The Church promotes that couples should not live together before they are married. I, however, take a different stance on the problem. I believe it is essential for you and your betrothed to live together before you get married. You should cohabit because there might be something that you might not be able to deal with, cohabiting is not as binding legally as a marriage, and because it can show you how your partner really is. You can’t really know who you’re dating right away. When most people begin dating, they attempt to always put their best foot forward. At least we attempt to. Your partner, typically, does the same
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