Live in Myths

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This excerpt from Live-in Myths, written by Ellen Goodman is a fabulous example of all the different kinds of relationships and their participants who have an excellent sustainability to spend their lives living their own myths. A very evident character that the author uses to bring out the true meaning of this piece is her friend. Her friend is continuously apologizing for her husbands unapologetic behavior, saying, “He is not really like that,” when he most definitely has been this way since the time they first started dating. The woman uses the word “cranky” is order to describe her husband and his actions. But the author uses more serious and much heavier words like, “erratic outbursts of anger”, which helps us understand the nature of…show more content…
All these unanswered questions bring out a lot of possibilities because it is not everyday that we see someone like the woman. It must be so difficult for her to be living “with her myth as well as her man”. Here the author personifies her myth as if it is another person altogether with different personalities. In this excerpt the myth is usually what the person actually wants. Therefore they believe the opposite person is like that in order to save him or herself of getting disappointed over and over again. I know of a couple where a woman believes that her husband never cheats on her. After finding text messages and e-mails from the other woman, she yet prefers to believe that her husband could never do such a thing. She is yet living with the man, though the man has made it very clear that he is not in love with her anymore and would want her to move out. But she refuses. She believes she could make him fall in love with her all over again and then things would get better. It makes me sad every time my mother and I go to meet her. Her hope for the future gives me the strength to endure all the difficulties in my life the way she did. But at the same time it baffles me how she could be so blind to her husband’s character and yet believe that she could bring about a change in a man who doesn’t even love her
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