Live theatre review of Bouncers Essay

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Bouncers; 17th of October at High Wycombe Swan Theatre.
Bouncers is a comical, yet serious dive into urban nightlife. The actors use multi-role to play a variety of different characters with hilarious results. Throughout the updated version of the play, John Godber (original writer and director) highlighted his intentions through Lucky Eric’s daunting monologues; we still drink too much as a society today. Nonetheless, the dated stereotypes and the use of Frank Sinatra and ‘Thriller’ did make the play feel slightly dated.

The play list seemed to be the most updated part of Bouncers; the current music, including artists like LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, Stooshe and Rihanna, was very popular with the predominately young audience. The pace of
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The steps used coming down the platform and going up was a great way for the actors to show their characterisation; for example, Sexy Susie (Bhatti) had great trouble coming down the steps in her killer heels whilst Ralph (Bhatti) took each step casually but eloquently.

Ilkley, Reddington, Bhatti and Gilet executed the Brechtian style of acting almost perfectly. They immediately alienated the audience from feeling any kind of emotional connection to the characters; we were introduced at the very beginning and were constantly reminded of who was who through heightened gestures, vocal changes and direct address. However, Lucky Eric’s daunting monologues, delivered perfectly by Ian Reddington, gave us some sort of emotional connection with the play itself. Godber uses Brecht’s style for more of a comic effect as opposed to snatching away emotional connection. The four actors changed from role-to-role excellently with clear characterisation; Bhatti did outstandingly well in changing from the high-pitched and very girly, Sexy Susie to the low-pitched, macho-aggressive bouncer, Ralph.

The use of ASYLUM, older actors and Yorkshire accents suggests that John Godber had a very heavy input. The original Bouncers, first performed in 1977, was set in Godber’s hometown; Hull. Also, ASYLUM is an actual nightclub in Hull. However, Les’ (Gilet) cockney accent suggests that Godber realised that there is now a mix of accents and
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