Liven Up: Market Strategy

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Introduction Keeping in view the positive consumer attitude towards natural fruit juices and their hesitance to purchase these juices due to affordability factor, we have introduced a new brand of natural fruit juice, Liven Up. Liven Up is a hundred percent natural fruit juice with no artificial additives. It is produced keeping in line with the international standards of organic food production and ensures maximum health and hygiene factor. Unlike other brands Liven Up, will adopt a pricing strategy that encourage the consumers to purchase the beverage even in the recessionary time. Liven Up will be launched to target a mass market and will target a diverse set of market segments. It will position itself as a beverage that cares for the health of its consumers. Target Market Liven Up has a broad range of target market. Since its positioned as a healthy, energizing and refreshing beverage, its targeted group of consumers include people from all age groups, genders and socio economic backgrounds. It will target children, teenagers, youth, athletes and health conscious group of consumers. The segmentation will be done according to age groups and income level. However, since it is more of a healthy energizing drink the major target group is the older generation that include people above fifty years of age (Keynote, 2008). Marketing Objectives Liven Up is a fruit drink with 90% fruit content. It aims to position its product as a healthy beverage that will keep
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