Liver Cirrhosis

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Liver Cirrhosis
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HCS 245
April 16, 2014
University of Phoenix
Dr. Tobey Tam

Liver Cirrhosis
As the Directors at the Sharp Rees Medical Facility, we will be talking about the liver. The liver is a very important organ in the human body as it does not just perform one function but is involved in multiple tasks. Some interesting facts about the liver; it weighs under five pounds, it has a shape like a half football and everyone is born with one. Just like most other disease or disorder, if the liver has not been taken care of properly there are many negative outcomes that can affect and destroy the liver. There are many complications when the liver is abused or damage for example cancer, hemochromatosis, gallbladder or
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If the liver is damaged significantly and a liver transplant is denied or a liver is unavailable the death is prominent. Liver disease can be slowed if the person suffering adapts to change and reaches out to local support groups and organizations for additional information and support. There are many places that can be used as a resource to get further information and become aware about cirrhosis. There are foundations and organization that have websites with information such as the American Liver Foundation, National Institute of Health, Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There are also medical websites that have lots of information and resources about the disease a few examples are WebMD and Mayo Clinic. Additional resources promoting awareness are social media sites like Facebook. There are also many videos that can be found on YouTube. Another way to show awareness is to wear a Yellow ribbon which represents Liver diseases.
As the Directors at Sharp Reese Medical Facility it is important to raise awareness about the importance of the liver to the human body and the many important functions that it performs for the body such as digestion and the filtration of toxins and drugs from
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