Livestock And Our World : Where 's The Beef

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Livestock and Our World: Where 's the Beef
Once in your life, you will need a doctor, a lawyer, a police officer, and a priest, but everyday, three times a day, you need a farmer. Livestock production is the most labor intensive form of farming, yet it is the most criticized and regulated form of farming. Livestock are raised for meat, eggs, wool, or milk. Although some may have issues with livestock production, people should stop being so critical about animal products.
One reason people should stop being so critical of animal products is that antibiotics are not as big of an issue as they believe. All milk and meat are required by the FDA to be completely drug free (that includes antibiotics) and cannot go to market unless thoroughly inspected. Dairy farmers are careful with withdrawal dates because if a treated cow gets milked into the tank; the main collection tank at the farm is tainted, and if the milk is not caught it can make it onto the semi. When the milkman picks up milk, he takes samples from every farm, and the semi load has to be tested for drugs before unloading. If any drugs are discovered, every sample from the farms on that semi’s route are tested, and the farm that tests positive for drugs is charged for the entire load of milk. The semi has dump the entire load of milk down the drain. With meat production, every carcass is inspected and tested; if any treated animals are sold, the owner does not receive payment, but instead receives a bill. Some people…
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