Livestock Feed Marketing in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects

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Livestock Feed Marketing In Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects Author Md. Mahbubar Rahman Assistant Professor Department of Marketing University of Rajshahi Bangladesh E-mail: Livestock Feed Marketing In Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects Abstract: The present study is basically an attempt to identify the problems and prospects in livestock feed marketing and to give suggestions according to that. The study reveal that there is acute shortage of quality and quantity of livestock feed. In the mixture of any livestock feed protein, fibers fat, and calories should be present. But the study find out that in Bangladesh livestock feeds are inferior regarding their unscientific origin and substandard nutrition value.…show more content…
Random samples are used to collect primary data from respondents. The secondary data have been collected from newspapers, magazines, journals and different types of leaflets and books. Simple statistical methods like average, percentage, form are used to interpret and process the data. 3. Livestock profile Livestock is an integral part of the biotic structure of the ecosystem playing an important role in the economy and environment. Apart from contributing to traction power of rural agriculture, milk & meat for human consumption, hide and skin for growing industries and for foreign exchange earnings, dung for utilization as fuel and manure livestock significantly provides employment opportunity, alleviates poverty and fosters welfare to the rural framing community. Livestock retards environmental pollution by utilizing fibrous feeds and crop by-products which are inedible to human beings but acerbic fermentation of which may accentuate global warning if not fed to ruminants or disposed otherwise. Here researcher tries to show the total population of Livestock in Bangladesh by the following table. Table no: 1 Livestock population in Bangladesh |Major species |Total numbers (Million) | |Large Ruminants:
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