Livestrong As A Genre On Commercial

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Livestrong as a Genre
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Livestrong as a Genre
Am choosing a genre on commercial known as Livestrong for my analysis. Am concentrating on a commercial video of Livestrong and taking into consideration all its unparalleled features. Livestrong has a video page on YouTube for the sole reason to unite and link with other members of the society who make use of social media platforms. Form bases for promoting charity work and at the same time demonstrate how strong and powerful coming together for one united course in helping cancer patients can be. In these regards, I have a great interest in analysing Livestrong as a genre because I have been exposed to pain and agony cancer victims go through
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In fact, the voices in the video are of cancer survivors using the using Livestrong foundation commercial to motivate cancer patients by telling them they will emerge from the killer disease (Rechis, Ellen and Stephanie, 76). Livestrong has a link where a user interested in viewing the image can use to access the video.
Livestrong video is created with the most appealing visuals to attract more viewers. The visual and artistic of the Livestrong video page is the secret that draws viewers in a platform where there is combination of bright and images of high quality since an individuals have a higher chance of being attracted. Further, carry out an in-depth analysis pertaining the vision and start following as compared to situation when the color is less enticing. Livestrong idea behind creating good interesting images in the video is to get followers in aesthetically pleasing page to promote the campaign for fighting cancer together. By joining hands and bravery speaking about the killer menace.
All genres have rhetorical strategies put in place and therefore the commercial on Livestrong foundation is one of them. Pathos pull emotions by using both images and alluring color scheme. When a video looks bright and people in it appear pleased, it automatically makes whoever is viewing it happy. In addition, many slogans relate to how people in the page are determined to achieve the cause of what they started, the
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