Livin' in the Trailerhood: Sterotypes of Living in a Trailer Park

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As a result I have had to deal with people treating me differently after they found out where I lived. Many people jumped to the conclusion that I was poor. Although at times money has been tight, I would never classify myself as poor. My family has always been able to provide for me. Other people assumed that my family must be living off of Welfare. I can also say that my family has never received Welfare. Despite the fact that some people match those stereotypes doesn’t mean that everybody should be lumped together with them. I have met multiple people who also live in trailer parks, and most of them do not fall into the stereotypical categories associated with trailer parks. People should not be judged based on where they live. The most common stereotype associated with people that live in trailer parks is that everybody is poor. As I said before I would never classify my family as poor. Sometimes my parents wouldn’t be able to afford the extra things we wanted, but they always provided the necessities. Not being able to afford the brand new toys and games that us kids wanted doesn’t mean that we were poor. It just means that we didn’t live above our income. Some people that live near me are older people who have to spend their money sparingly, because they only get money once a month. Would they like to live in a house on some land? Of course they would. Is it a real possibility on their monthly income? Not likely.…

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