Living A Lie In H. G. Wells 'Lying'

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Living a lie is what happens when you leave your past, finding your past frees you from it. Mr.Ryder finds himself in a split with leading a new life and recovering the his old life, either living a proper life or a cultural life. Confronted with this predicament Mr.Ryder uses poetic thinking to find his true answers and talk to his crowd at the ball, saying “This above all: to thine self be true, and it must follow the night the day thou canst not then be false to any man”. In this quote Mr.Ryder talks about his true self , unknowing to the crowd. He confesses to himself to go back to what he believes is true, in this case Ms.Liza Jane, in acceptance of his past. Making this decision allows Him to be “be true” to himself and what he believes
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