Living A Worthwhile Life Is Important To Me

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What is important to you? The most important thing to me is living a worthwhile life that is important to my family and to my spiritual father. The best way I can see that this happen is by one giving back to the community. I was always the quiet, shy, scared, yet smart one of my family. My mommy was very strict, I mean very strict. I didn’t have the best living condition growing up. I was in and out of foster homes. I didn’t get adopted until I was thirty. Fast forward, I could not function nor comprehend well. But a lot of teachers that believed in me in the community took the time out to teach me how to count, write, and express myself. If it wasn’t for the ladies from my school and different case managers and therapist helping me out I…show more content…
I can’t do it alone but I will take little steps like mentoring and just giving food drives as my appreciation for what so many has done for me. As well as, continuing to worship and understand the commandments that Jehovah has set for me so I can peacefully live a worthwhile life.
What do you want to build with your speech? I want to be able to build a commitment for resiliency in my career no matter how the wind blows. Whether I get a job promotion or degree it doesn’t matter. I want to build strength and inner confidence needed to permeate any wall that comes up against me. I want to overcome the odds by standing on my beliefs and intelligence.
What do you use your words to do? I use my words to communicate with others about life, career choices, family, and to be heard. Today, I communicated to my mommy about the choices I have made in life whether they were good or bad. I learned only the strong survive because if I would’ve let the streets make me, they would’ve ate me up and spit me out. Because the streets in layman’s terms don’t love nobody. She laughed but that was my life lesson I learned.
Next, I communicate career choices. Recently, I was discussing to my graduation coach how I want to graduate from undergrad with honors and get accepted in some school in Florida that has a Master’s Program in Counseling. He was very proud I could communicate my goal and plan of study and
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