Living Away From Home : The University Of New Haven

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Living on campus, away from home, is an extreme substantial change many college students go through. In order to live on campus and get a successful education, students have to be comfortable with where they are living. Living away from home is one of the students’ greatest fears and living in a nice space with a reasonable amount of people is required for someone to adjust to the college lifestyle. These residential halls represent the quality and value of the university. They will also for some students, determine if they will even consider attending the university or if they will return to live on campus again the oncoming year. The residential housing throughout the University of New Haven differs, especially for the freshman residential halls. As listed on the University of New Haven’s website, the freshman dorms consist of Botwinik Hall, Bergami Hall, Bethel Hall, Bixler Hall, and Westside Hall. Botwinik Hall and Bixler Hall are similar because they both consist of individual rooms shared by three people. However, Botwinik Hall has a bathroom and a common area for two rooms, or six people. Bixler has bathrooms and a common room shared by the entire floor. Bergami Hall consists of two rooms, each with 3 people, sharing a bathroom with three common areas throughout the floor. Bethel Hall has bedrooms with two people who share a common room and bathroom with their entire suite, which consists of 6 total rooms. Westside Hall is the newest residential hall, which has
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