Living Here Was Nothing Special

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I live in a small town called Ocean City, New Jersey. To me, living here was nothing special. Ironically, anytime I say that is where I’m from I hear, “Wait, you live in Ocean City?! That is my favorite place in the world. We go there every summer!” How can a place be a bother to someone and an amazing get away to another? I went to Ocean City High School, where I could walk five feet to the beach. Who could hate that? I sure could. I begged my parents to let me transfer my first two years. I went to a Catholic school from kindergarten through 8th grade while everyone else at my school attended the public middle schools in the area, which meant that everyone was already friends and I had to make new ones. This was my first time ever in public schooling, and I felt like a lost fish in the sea. Obviously things got better and I ended up making some of the best friendships that I know will last a lifetime, but I still can’t deny that I thought I could say June 18th, 2015, graduation, was going to be the best day of my life. Then things changed. This summer I worked on the beach and was never done later than 12:00, so I went every single day after I clocked out. To say I gained an appreciation for where I live would be an understatement. There is nothing more relaxing than hearing the crashes of the big blue waves slowly putting me to sleep as I lay in the warm sun. I was slowly beginning to realize why everyone loves this place so much. Excitement for heading off to college
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