Living In A Small Town Essay

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Living in a Small Town in a Big City
Everyone has a different opinion when they have to choose between live in a small town or a big city. Some people think that living in a small town is peaceful because they feel much closer to the nature, while the others choose to live in a big city because of its entertainment such as cinemas, shopping centers, club, and concerts. Also, there are several similarities between small town and a big city which is history, mission, vision, values, and goals to make their place become much better. However, most people still do not know how to decide whether they want to live in a small town or a big city and one of the ways to solve this is to compare them at several points.
Living in a big city can be very different from a small town. Since there are a lot of opportunities to find a job in a big city, most people have their own variety of occupations. In the morning, people are wake up and get ready to work. There are several occupations that most people in a big city have, such as businessman, architect, entrepreneur and etc. Most of them are typically a hard worker because sometimes they do overtime work even on the weekend. They usually
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A small town is known by their peacefulness and by their nature sounds of animals in the morning or during the night. Different from a small town, a big city is noisier because they have a lot of variety of machine sounds such as sirens, honks, vehicles, and people. Those kind of sounds will block out the natural noises that people would hear in a small town. It is not only the noise that is very different from both of them but also the air pollution. A small town has more fresh air and it means people in a small town are breathing healthier air than people in a big city. Unlike small town, in a big city, they have a lot of air pollution from cars, factories, cigarette smoke, and smokestacks which are not good for
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