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25 Reasons to Live in San Jose
There are dozens of reasons why you should live in San Jose. Whether you are looking for a quiet city in tradition and live in meticulously restored buildings of the 19th century or a modern city which is the capital of Silicon Valley and live among the world’s biggest names in technology industry.
If you are not yet decided whether you want to live in San Jose, this article will give you 25 reasons to live in San Jose, you will be making travels plans by the time you read 20+ reasons.
1. The Locals
San Jose is home to over a quarter million Asians and just as many Latinos of the Mexican descent as well as a small number of African American. Although the city is culturally lacking and the locals are a little
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Many locals are Latinos of the Mexican descent, and Asians of Chinese decent making Mexican food and Chinese food is the order of the day in San Jose. You can eat the most delicious food in this city, but you should be willing drive to Cupertino, Campbell and to East San Jose. With ethic restaurants and groceries-with no plastic bag policy- and famers market spread across the city, you can eat well and find fresh fruits and vegetable in San Jose.

What more, the food is 20% cheaper than in San Francisco. Here are some most popular restaurants in San Francisco that will give you more reasons to stay in the city after tasting the food.
5. The boiling crab
The secret to eating the most delicious food in this restaurant is to order everything with the shang-Bang Sauce. The Sauce has the best flavor sensation like you have never tasted. Crabs, shrimp, sweet potato fries and sausage are some of the food you should try at Boiling Crab.
6. Mizu Sushi Bar and grill
The restaurant has a stylish interior with a classy touch. The food is not only delicious, but also well presented. Spicy tangy Sauce, spicy Tuna Salad, Micho and deep fried ice cream are all in the menu.
7. La
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The music is smooth, from jazz to rock and the ground is well mannered and you will enjoy your drink and good vibes in a classy and relaxing environment. Don’t miss the party at Singleberrel.
12. Origin Gravity Public House
Yet another popular entertainment spot, Origin Gravity Public House offers fantastic selection of meads and ciders, rotating taps are in abundance and the beer never runs dry. Get the best gourmet sausages and duck fries while enjoying the craft beer.
13. San Pedro Square Market San Pedro Square Market has a variety of bars that offer the best entertainment. Whether you are looking for craft beer, cocktail or glass of wine, you will find a bar that best suits your needs in this market.
14. Paper plane.
The lighting in Paper Plane, the fully stocked liquor shelf with any drink you can think of, the cocktail and food menu, will keep you well fed and entertained all night long.
15. O’Flaherty’s Irish Pub, 25 N San Pedro St
You can party like an Irish man in O’Flaherty’s Irish Pub. Here no house rules to prevent you from getting rowdy and loud. Watch the Sharks play as you enjoy your favorite drinks among Sharks
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