Living Inside The Frames - Original Writing

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Living inside the Frames
Annie gazed out the window; the snow was falling like crystal diamonds. The frosty air made the windows all icy, making her finger through a smile on the window. It was another day of no school; it had been snowing like crazy here in Chicago. Most schools had been closed for weeks. It was just another day to cuddle up with a blanket and drink hot chocolate by the fireplace. But sadly for Annie she had to go outside in the frigid, cold weather and shovel the snow. Her mom went to work early in the morning and her dad ever since the divorce moved into an apartment. Annie went outside and started shoveling; this was not a very easy job. Tired and worn-out she still continued to shovel. But then something very weird happened. She saw an empty frame on the ground, and there was no picture inside of it. Annie then picked it up and looked inside it. She continued looking through the frame where everything appeared green and warm and bright. Annie could not feel the cold. Annie screamed and dropped the frame on the ground. “Oh my God! What just happened? Is this supposed to be some kind of a prank?”
Inside the frame she saw a person, and she was moving. This frame was kind of like a camera, and Annie felt like she was watching a video, but it was reality. The girl inside looked very pretty, her hair was chestnut, and she looked like a model. But something seemed to be wrong; the girl in the frame looked upset, even kind of angry. “Hello, do you hear me?”…

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