Essay on Living Life in American Samoa

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Living Life in American Samoa There are many different people living in this world with different culture diversity, and ways of making a living. American Samoans are one of these countries with different cultures and different ways of living. Living life in American Samoa is more unique from other countries. First of all, living life in American Samoa is easier then any other countries as far as I know. In American Samoa we get food free because the Samoans mainly live off the land. There is no house or rent payment. The people of Samoa grow their own plantation, go fishing and help out others. Everyone works together and helps out one another. When family is going through times of hardships the other families will step in to…show more content…
So we have to ask ourselves why life in American Samoa is so easy? Because their cultures. Culture in Samoa is very different from other countries. We have to live with much pride in our own ancestors who brought out and formed what we collect now as our culture. So life in American Samoa is formed out of our culture. Another way that I thought life in American Samoa is so easy, is because we have to respect each other especially old people and other people that live in your own society. Secondly, we have to respect our own people with great honor and sincere. This means whatever old people tell us to do; we have to do it any way. Just the same thing likes our parents. Thirdly, we have to love everyone in our community. Share what you have with family or your friends. Some families in American Samoa show their values with other countries. This means show what they need and what they benefit for their life in the long run. So every life need is always based on culture. We build our own houses, because there are not that many bills to pay. So let us compare the living life in American Samoa and living life here in Hawaii. These two ways of living life was very, very different. Here in Hawaii we have to work in order to live and survive. But in American Samoa we don't. In Hawaii if we don't have jobs or work, we can't plan to pay a lot of bills including house or apartment rent. So for the
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