Living Life with Heart Failure Essay

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Life with Heart Failure What is the first disease that you think of when asked? Of all the diseases that could be mentioned Heart Failure, HF, is one that many have heard of or that has affected a loved one. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “heart failure affects nearly 5.1 million Americans of all ages and is responsible for more hospitalizations than all forms of cancer combined. It is the number 1 cause of hospitalization for Medicare patients and this process can begin early in adulthood from poor diets and smoking habits.” HF may go undetected by the client months after the disease starts, which leaves little options for treatment when symptoms are prevalent. As with any disease process early teaching from a…show more content…
Treatment of Heart Failure first starts with identifying the underlying cause of the disease and improving the efficiency of the contractility of the heart. Medications that are often used in the treatment of HF are: Digoxin, which raises the contractility of the heart, high efficacy diuretics, which eases edema and eases the workload of the heart, Angiotensin Converting Enzyme, reduces blood pressure by dilating blood vessels, Anticoagulants, which prevents the blood from coagulating therefore reducing the risk of heart attack, and beta blockers. There are a few surgery options for patients; Coronary artery bypass surgery is the most common surgery for patients with CF, if patients have coronary artery blockages cardiac surgeons can either “graft” or bypass the effected artery, with a new artery for the part of the heart experiencing ischemia. Valve replacement surgery is a good option for patients who are experiencing aortic valve leaks or valves needing reshaping/”reinforcement”. LVAD systems, left ventricle valve assist device, are used for those patients who are diagnosed with end stage heart failure; this device works by physically helping your heart pump blood throughout your body which alleviates some of the stress for the heart until a heart transplant or the end of life. The final option is for a heart transplant; the diseased heart is replaced with a donor heart. Educating clients early in
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