Living Like Weasels Analysis

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Both Anne Dillard and Gordon Grice develop a unique perspective on life based on their observations of nature in their essays “Living Like Weasels” and “The Black Widow.” In “Living Like Weasels,” Dillard meditates on the value and necessity of instinct and tenacity in human life. Meanwhile, in “The Black Widow,” Grice offers a philosophical perspective on life, which grows out of his close observation of the black widow spider. Both essays urge readers to reflect on their experiences with nature and learn from what Mother Nature is showing them. Similarly, both essays begin by detailing facts about about their respective animals. Dillard’s factual tone explains the daily life of a weasel and the powerful effects of its jaw. She informs her readers of the weasels eating habits and its method of procuring prey. Likewise, Grice explains the lifestyle of the black widow spider. He describes the complexity of its web, the source of its name, and the diet of the black widow spider. However, “The Black Widow” goes into much more detail about the routine life of the spider. In addition, both essays include short anecdotes about extraordinary acts people…show more content…
In Dillard’s “Living Like Weasels,” she provides us one way we can try to learn from nature and accept the advice it bestows upon us. Although this is not everything Mother Nature has to offer us, it is one step in the right direction towards enlightenment. In Grice’s “The Black Widow,” he provides us with one example from the many amazing parts of nature that we fail to comprehend. He shows us that although some things do not fit into our idea of a perfect world, we should still marvel at the mysterious workings of nature. If you take the time to stop and smell the roses, you will be fascinated by the various lessons our complex world has to offer us and awed by the aspects of it we have no reasonable explanations
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