Living Like Weasels By Annie Dillard

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In the essay that I chose “Living like Weasels” the author, Annie Dillard wrote about her encounter after seeing a wild weasel for the first time in her life. The weasel was ten inches long, thin as a curve, a muscled ribbon, brown as fruitwood, soft-furred, and alert. His face was fierce, small, pointed as Lizard’s, and with two black eyes. Her idea is that humans can benefit from living as wild and as free as a weasel. Dillard uses comparisons between the life of a wild weasel and the life of humans while exploring the theme of the quest for identity/coming of age.
This essay begins with the author presenting a description of weasels, giving the audience heaps of details about the habits of the weasel, a physical description, where it lives, its environment, and how it acts. She also tells us how Ernest Thompson shot an eagle from the sky and found the skull of a weasel clinging to its throat symbolizing how the weasel died protecting its life. Dillard then moves on to elaborate on her experience where she is sitting on a tree trunk near Hollins Pond, “a remarkable piece of shallowness” (146), then weasel appears from a wild rose bush and presents itself in front of her. She looks it in the eyes as it looks back, then the weasel disappeared following its instincts. After observing the weasel, she emphasizes her thoughts on how humans should live more like them. The significance of this story and its title lies in the desire to be able to live life aggressive, vicious, and
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