Living Off Of Minimum Wage

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Living off of Minimum Wage in the United States In Barbara Ehrenreich’s documentary novel, Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By In America (2001), she claimed that it is almost impossible to live off of minimum wage in the united states. She supports her claim by writing a documentary novel explaining the details of the life of the American struggles caused by the minimum wage. Through her book, she supports that minimum wage salary is insufficient means of survival and leads to a difficult life. After encountering many people who falsely accuse welfare receivers of being lazy and not work hard enough, she wrote a book to challenge and change the public’s negative opinion towards them and also about the day when the minimum wage workforce will stand up for themselves and demand to have a higher wage. Ehrenreich’s purpose for writing this novel was to bring attention to wage workforce by showing the general American public the life of their fellow citizens who are struggling to survive. The main, primary theme that Nickel and Dimed focuses on is the hardship and distress caused by the poverty in the United States. Ehrenreich’s main concern regarding this theme is how it is practically impossible to have basic necessities for survival with the amount of money earned from a minimum wage salary. She grasps the reader’s attention and proves her claims and arguments by using a unique technique called investigative journalism, which allows her to get the first-hand experience
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