Living Off The Grid : A Simple Guide

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In his book, Living Off the Grid:A Simple Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Self-Reliant Supply of Energy, Water, Shelter and More (2008) Dave Black lists the following eight reasons many people are choosing to go off grid in America today: There is no grid available, to minimize environmental impact of the grid and leave a smaller carbon footprint, to avoid utility costs, saving money by lowering bills, emergency insurance, entertainment of an intelligent mind, reducing use of fossil fuels, and public image. He goes on to explain that whatever reason or reasons a person may choose to go off grid there is a long list of realities that one must face in relation to such an undertaking. Ability, location, shelter, laws, resources needed,…show more content…
There are several ways to build the walls and floor so that heat is stored in the day and released at night. Night and day temperatures, as well as seasonal angles of the sun are things to think about in terms of location if you plan to build a home that utilizes solar energy, such as an earthship. Dave Black states “ An east west axis (90 degrees to true south) allows the longer side of the structure to be exposed to the sun.That’s where the big windows should be. North and east facing windows can lose a lot of heat in the winter, and west facing glass can cause overheating in summer, so they should be few and small.(Use overhangs over the windows to protect the interior from too much summer sun…….) .” Earthships are also an environmentally friendly model because of the fact that they can be made from recycled materials such as tires, cans, beams made from recycled trash, etc. Walls made of stacked tires filled with cans serve to store and release heat when needed. This fact also makes it a viable option for a low budget home. Since most, or all, of an earthship can be built with what is essentially trash, most of your building materials can be found cheap or free, provided you have access to a road system. There are many other ways to create an off

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