Living On The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

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San Andreas Essay

There are thousands of people living in San Francisco, without knowing that they are at a high risk of fatality at this moment. People should not be living too close or on a fault line, especially without the knowledge of the risks they are taking. The San Andreas fault line is a juncture of the Pacific and North America plates. The fault line is 800 miles long. It starts close to Eureka and ends above Brawly. Scientists predict that an earthquake can happen at the San Andreas fault line any moment right now and with very high likelihood of happening sometime before 2032. In the event of an earthquake, many lives will be lost, money will be spent, and in some cases, residents are ignorant of the peril.

Many lives will be lost when the next earthquake strikes. During the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, more than 700 fatalities occurred. This could happen again if people continue to live on the fault line. While the earthquake will cause numerous amounts of death, the fires, and tsunamis the earthquake creates will cause even more destruction and devastation. Most of the deaths from the 1906 earthquake were mainly caused by the fires that the earthquake caused. When the next earthquake strikes, more people could die. Some may say that there are
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However, in most cases, the people living there do not even know the risks. Humans should have learned from the 1906 quake that the San Andreas fault line is too dangerous to live on. The 1906 earthquake should have been a mistake that was learned from. The knowledge gained from the past will be useless if it is unused. People can do all they want to “earthquake proof” the cities, but in the end, when the next big one strikes, lives and money will still be lost. Knowing all the risks there are to living on the San Andreas fault line, it is very clear that it is not a safe place for people to
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