Living On This Planet : How It Is The Best?

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Living on this planet, there are times when individuals run into difficult people. Humans will disagree, argue, and think their ways are the best. These people are friends, teachers, parents, and co-workers. Yes, people think differently and have their own ideas, so naturally they want everything to go as they think best. As hard as it is to see, they might not in fact have the best idea. When learning to deal with difficult people it can be complicated.
In this world there are many types of difficult people: people who complain about anything, who often close up, and don’t talk at all. I personally work with an individual who is like this. Whenever she is confronted with a new task she freezes and doesn’t speak a word. People whom I work with have learned to be very patient with this young girl and have learned to talk to her and calm her. People who close up when others try and talk to them about a problem or situation are categorized as clams. A clam is a type of person who is very antisocial; these people think that when they express their ideas they will be made fun of or in fact become embarrassed. When coping with these people it is best to talk to them and calm them down. Start by making conversation and make them feel comfortable, and then address the situation. “Listen with empathy to the other person 's point of view, and look for ways to show him or her that you understand this perspective even if you do not agree” (Paul).
Another difficult personality type is
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