Living Out the Reality of Others?

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“Insults, temper tantrums, selfishness, gross behavior, and plain old stupidity—these are the main ingredients for most of today’s reality TV shows. Guess who’s watching them? Millions of young people…” (Ilisa Cohen, 14). The world is changing in many different ways and people are influenced by many different situations. Teenagers are however, easily influenced by the good, the bad, and the reality. Not only are teenagers observing from the reality around them, but reality that is shown on television and sometimes in commercials as well. Teenagers find role models in the reality shows they see on television today. It is not always a bad thing, but it is also not always a good thing. Many people wonder why teenagers today have begun…show more content…
Self-esteem has become a major problem in teenagers that cause them to act out of character. There is a connectedness between teens watching reality TV shows and low self-esteem. Lori Gottlieb, cultural critic and family therapist, states, “If a teen is struggling with self-esteem issues, he might adopt some of these attention-getting behaviors to get recognition” (15). Even though some teenagers can differentiate the reality and the fakeness of these shows, some just become so connected and want to live the show. News Staff Reporter, Stephen T. Watson says that, “…there is evidence that young people emulate the behavior of reality stars (2008). Although there are many teens who may not know how to tell the differences, “… a smart viewer can spot contrived situations…teens don’t want to be manipulated” (Filucci, 16). Shelby Poole, a teenager that lives in California, agreed with the previous statement and even added, “I think the characters’ attitudes and behaviors on these shows are all very staged for TV, so I try to pick up on that.”
Reality television leads its viewers’ to become more comfortable with one-night stands. One-night stands are only common in older teens and young adults, mainly college students. In an experimental study done by L.D. Taylor, in the Journal of Sex
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