Living The Split Of Sons And Daughters

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Living the Split Sons and daughters; the differences between them is more than just a physical apperance. They are treated differently, not only by society, but also in their own household. While parents may not realize it, they treat their sons and daughters different whether it be late night curfews, work ethic or a difference in atmosphere. One of the clearest differences is curfew. Parents often restrict a daughter 's freedoms, one being restricting the possibility of being out late due to fear of danger. The probability of a woman being harassed driving back from a friend’s house or at a concert surrounded by people is highly unlikely, yet, they are still told that they have to be home and are unable to experience events like a male would. Males are seen as being stronger and not in danger of others whereas women are fragile and easy victims. Why is this? The answer has its roots in early childhood development. Boys, as a child and young adult, are taught, by their parents, to treat the girls gently and be rough with other boys. Girls are taught to be sweet, respectable and, as said before, gentle. Because of the lack of aggression girls experience as a child, they are seen to be “more fragile” and in turn, are more likely to be put in a dangerous situation with little to no self-defense. So, because parents teach their kids different traits of gender as a child, it carries on into early adulthood making the parent believe what they have implemented into
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