Living Together Before Marriage

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SPEECH #2: Deciding Whether or not to Live Together before Marriage

Specific Purpose:

To inform the audience about making decisions on whether or not to live together before marriage.


Deciding whether or not to live together before marriage is an important decision to make that has both negative and positive consequences depending on which side you choose.

I. Introduction:

A. Marriage is like fine win, if tended to properly, it gets better with age. According to Neil Shah, “In the last 50 years, the percentage of men and women who cohabit, or live together, before marriage – “living in sin” as it was still called in the 1960s – has increased by almost 900 percent. Today 70 percent of women aged 30 to 34 have cohabited
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C. Studies show that combining finances before marriage can be a positive for the relationship, when you don’t intermingle funds, it is far easier for one person to simply leave the relationship without as much thought about what effects could mean,

Transition: Financial situations are important to look at when considering cohabitation but Religion also plays a key part.

V. Topic #4: Religious aspect of the topic

A. Having some sort of religious background whether it be present or not should affect your decision.
B. Cohabitation is defined as two unmarried individuals of the opposite sex sharing a household and a bed. Because every major world religion is based on a moral code and strong family values, cohabitation is discouraged, if not prohibited. Premarital sex is considered a sin by followers of the Christian, Jewish and Islamic faiths. However, many millions of modern couples are taking this step and making cohabitation part of the cultural norm.

Transition: Ultimately, it is up to you to weight your options and situation and decide whether or not to cohabitate.

Conclusion: In conclusion, I have pointed out to the good and the bad about living together before marriage, as well as how religion and financial aspects should be taken into consideration. I want to thank you for your time and hope that I was able to inform you on making a decision later in life.


Personal Traits, Cohabitation, and Marriage
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