Essay on Living Together Before Marriage

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Living together is certainly a learning experience. I am the example of a combined household, prior to a legal union. A couple who chooses to live together without getting married can have an advantage going into a future marriage. I met my husband while on a previous job. I lived in Fort Oglethorpe, and he lived in Red Bank. After a long day at work, the challenge of spending time together became difficult because we each had a residence to maintain. We soon realized that living together, even though we were not married, had advantages, such as more time allowed together, reduced financial burden, and ensured compatibility in the event of a future marriage. First of all, our workday lasted 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. By…show more content…
I made it home without incident; however, if we had been living together at that time, I would not have had to face that scary drive home, and we could have enjoyed each other's company without the worries of driving. Couples who choose living together without getting married have an advantage going into a future union. Another reason couples live together out of wedlock in addition to enjoying each other's company is a reduced financial burden. Many couples find that a combined residence allows a certain financial freedom. My husband and I lived together for two years before we were married. The financial impact was alluring. I remember that by not having to pay two water bills, two light bills, and needless to say, two rent payments, we were able to afford the newest technology that had recently hit the public market, a VCR. I also purchased a newer model car since the Pinto that I owned at the time had proven unreliable on several occasions. Combining residences allows a couple to be released from a certain amount of financial burden. Couples that choose living together without getting married do have an advantage in combining financial burdens before going into marriage. Probably the most significant reason that a couple would choose to live together instead of getting married is making sure they are compatible before tying the knot and getting trapped with a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. My husband and I found it very beneficial to live
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