Living With Anxiety Support Group For Men

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Living with anxiety support group for men. Support groups can play an essential role in coping with stressful events in life. Organising and maintaining an active support group does take time and effort. Support groups can be distinguished from others teams due to the strategies of the primary goals. This kind of group is characterised for emphasises on helping members to share collective experiences. the purpose of our human service organisation is to meet the needs and contribute to the wellbeing our customers. These are the key elements to be addressed in the development our support group. The main aim of this essay is to create a support group for men living with anxiety, which it discusses a plan how to run an effective support group for individuals facing stress and anxiety. The essay will critically analyse different aspects that could influence the initial plan and stages of the group. Purpose Our aim is to help men who are facing anxiety due at the significant impact that in some cases work - related stress causes on the mental health of the employees. meanwhile depression, anxiety is linked with work-related stress, it is important to highlight depression and anxiety are medical conditions, but stress is not. Despite, prolonged or excessive job stress could be a risk factor for mental health issues and lead to depression in workers. Beyond blue (2015) explained that anxiety conditions have a significant impact not only on the individual but also on their

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