Living With Autism And Autism

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Living with Autism When children are diagnosed with autism, they are on the Autism Spectrum as autism has many variations. When these children are diagnosed, it is for the benefit of their families. The diagnoses give the family a name to the disability their child has. Along with a diagnosis, the child is “labeled”, which can cause problems for the child through-out their lives and make learning that much harder for them. Alex has been diagnosed with autism. She doesn’t talk much in the classroom or at school in general. She doesn’t try to play with other children, and the other children do not try to get her to play with them. As a result, she has very little interaction with her peers. Her regular education teacher has asked that…show more content…
As the school year continues Alex’s learning moves slower. With the difficulties of Alex’s communication, the teacher often tries to engage Alex to speak and when it is just Alex and the teacher Alex does speak. When another person is around, Alex stops talking or responding to them. The teacher keeps talking to Alex and asking her questions trying to get a response from her when she is around others, but she continues to avoid eye contact and will still have no communication with them. Alex goes to specials like music, art, and PE with her peers. While in music Alex will sing in gibberish; in art she will scribble, and in PE she plays alone away from her peers. Whether or not Alex participates, the important part is for her peers to see her there. Alex could make more progress if the regular education classroom teacher would work with the special education teacher and make some goals and modifications to the environment. The teacher would have a partner when teaching Alex. By working as partners the teachers have more experience and more ideas for working with Alex. As working partners, they have the opportunity to help Alex excel in her learning. They would be better able to identify Alex’s strengths and needs concerning her learning. The teachers could work together to improve Alex’s conversational skills by having the regular education teacher spend more one on one time with Alex to try and get her to be comfortable with
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