Living With Congestive Heart Failure

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Living With Congestive Heart Failure Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations Learning Objectives  Understanding congestive heart failure, the symptoms and risk factors  Food and nutrition recommendations for the patients  Changing or improving lifestyle  Getting the right support  Live with Congestive Heart Failure  Questions and answers session  Fun uiz What is Heart Failure?  Is the condition where the heart is not pumping the right amount of blood to the rest of the body as it should be  The body cannot function normally  The heart becomes weakened  Tiredness, shortness of breath, coughing and water retention What is Congestive Heart Failure? Fluids collects around the heart and other body’s tissues Often accumulates in legs, arms and even lungs Facts about Heart Failure  Affects more than 5 millions Americans  10 every 1,000 population after age 65  The highest rate of developing HF is among black population  Increased number of patients caused by the increase of obesity and aging population.  The death rate is higher in white men than white women. (Mahan, et al., pg. 770) More of The Symptoms Changes to Your Body  Swelling (Edema)  Fast heart beat  Increase the urge to urinate  Headache  Memory loss  Not able to think clearly  No ability to exercise Changes to Your Nutrition  Loss of appetite  Nausea (vomit feeling)  Difficulty to defecate (constipation)  Body cannot absorb nutrients  Unintentional weight loss  Not enough minerals in

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