Living With My Grandparents At Home

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Living with my grandparents since the day I was born; I took a weekend away from home to get a break from the nagging in my ear all the time. My grandparents were not the normal “stay at home” people. At the ages of 78 and 91 they still like to get around. After I left, they took advantage of the fact that they didn’t have to watch me for 3 days, so they went to the Casino. By the way, that’s their favorite spot. They went on the boat, ate, and enjoyed themselves. My grandmother loved playing the slot machines. I guess she felt like she always gets lucky on them. My grandfather on the other hand is not so friendly with them so by midnight he was ready to go. My grandmother always know when to wrap it up because he’d start following her around. “Come on Will” she said with a frown on her face. “Alice don’t get mad, you know I don’t like staying anywhere too long.” he replied. Oh whatever! You shouldn’t come with me then. As they went back and forth with each other, they got into their 2002 Chevy Cavalier and headed back home. In the car my grandmother was quiet; but as usual my grandfather kept the argument going. It’s just in his nature. My grandparents have a routine for everything they do. Normally, my grandfather gets out the car first and then he goes around to the other side to help my grandmother out of the car. This time he got out the car and something else happened and it wasn’t normal. “Hold it right there.” an unknown voice said with a gun pointed to my
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