Living an Abundant Life: Loving Oneself

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An abundant life is a life that everyone has the ability to live. Every person regardless of his or her disabilities, race, culture, affect, or geological location is able to live an abundant life. The meaning of an abundant life put simply is to truly love oneself. If a person can truly live out these seven components, they truly love themselves, and therefore they are living an abundant life. The seven essential components of living an abundant are: the ability to experience joy, the ability to be resilient, the ability to give love others, the ability to receive love from others, the ability to feel emotions, the possession of passion, and an adequate amount of sleep. These seven components are vital to living the abundant life,…show more content…
Without resilience, whenever something bad happens in someone’s life, his or her reaction would be to just give up, therefore the other essential components of their life would cease to exist. Every person has different tribulations they face throughout their life. It is important for people to work through these events, but after a certain amount of time it is important for people to move on with their life. The Ability to Give Love to Others A quote from the popular movie Moulin Rouge offers really good insight into the next two components, “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return” (Baron, 2001). These next two components go hand in hand. The first is the ability to give love, and the second is the ability to receive love. The ability to give love is an essential component to living an abundant life because love is almost like a nonverbal language, and through love people are able to connect with one another. Love is, “a universal emotion that has become the basis of marriage and family for many societies” (Braxton-Davis, 2002). Love gives people a sense of belonging, and as Maslow theorized in his Hierarchy of Needs; a sense of belonging is essential for human existence (Cherry). Giving love to others helps people realize how to love him or herself, and how to receive love from others. If a person isn’t able to give love to others or feel love for others, they most likely don’t have much love for themselves either.
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