Living and Working in the Community Essay

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[pic] TAS Senior School |Unit Objective |Content Areas |Outcomes | |Module B: Texts and Society: |Non-Fiction |4. A student uses language relevant to the study of English. | |Elective 1: Living ad Working in the Community |Multi-media |5. A student demonstrates understanding of how audience and purpose | |This module requires students to explore and analyse texts used in a |…show more content…
| | | | |Explanation of Elective 1: Living and Working in the Community. |Hand out Living and | |3 | |Go through the elective and module descriptions with the students, explaining what is meant by key |Working in the Community | | | |terms. Discuss the sort of texts we will be studying and composing. Ensure all students have |support document | | | |opportunities to ask questions. | | | | |Feature Articles: |SMH copies from staff | |3 | |Start by giving some notes on the characteristics of a Feature Article.
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